David W. Kerchner

Vice President

Professional Registration:
     Registered Professional Engineer – Pennsylvania
     Certified Waterworks Operator – Pennsylvania
     Certified Sewage Treatment Plant Operator – Pennsylvania

     B.S., Civil Engineering, 1989
        Texas A&M University


Mr. Kerchner joined  Bankson Engineers in 1989.  As Consulting Engineer to a number of the firm’s water, sewer and municipal clients, he is responsible for the design and administration of many types of water distribution, water treatment, water storage, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, stormwater management and municipal projects.  Mr. Kerchner has designed major automatic meter reading projects and meter replacement programs for municipal water distribution systems.   He has provided professional advice on a number of landslide and roadslide problems associated with the municipal clients he represents.  Mr. Kerchner’s full résumé is available upon request.